ANK represents a network of professionals working in public, private and development sector at various levels. It includes young professionals with innovative ideas and modern skills as well as seasoned public policy advisors who have proven record of bringing positive changes in the lives of millions of Pakistanis through their judicious evolutionary approach. Driving force of this group comes from leading figures of private sector who are gifted to look at world from their unique perspective to make it a better place and this is also common connecting point of all men and women involved in this endeavor.

This site is designed to inform the interested audience about range of services which can be offered through appropriate forums by mutual understanding of clients and service providers. However, this is not the sole purpose of this platform.

Knowledge sharing on security solutions and internal security issue of Pakistan is critical aspect of ankltd.com. Anti terrorism laws, rules and regulations are also available here for researchers and practitioners. Under Downloads, full documents are uploaded which are useful for law practitioners, civil servants and public policy academics.

Publications section includes academic papers on subjects as diverse as public policy, accountability, international Law and constitutional developments mainly by the author of this site. However, under Opinion, views of all writers are welcome. Purpose is to develop positive debate with evidence based arguments in a pleasant environment.


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