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I am a  critic, poet and author.  My articles get published frequently in national and international press.  My areas of expertise include national security, geopolitics, training , civilian capacity building, governance, policing , social reforms and civil service of  Pakistan. The opinion expressed in these pieces are purely mine and do not represent views of any of the organizations, I am part of. Any errors or omissions will be just by mistake and not intended to hurt feelings of anybody.  My further writings are available at

Pakistan: Rule of Law Through Technology Oriented Policing

Security and Citizens

I vote for Malala

Challenges for LEA for PTI

Obituary of A Nation

Counter Narrative

Pakistan might still need drones to curb terrorism

Justice for civil servants

Internal security: collaboration and competition

Lessons for bye-elections

Political projections and the winds of change

Pakistan’ s late spring

Polling for peace

Making elections egalitarian and lawful

Roadmap for fair FATA elections

Fear-free elections are fair elections

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