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This section provides key documents on National Internal Security Policy of Pakistan (NISP) 2014-2018. Selected policy documents and commentaries by various scholars are available for further research and discussions. There is no other forum where such relevant documents are available for researchers or scholars who want to access this material for their academic work and scholastic appetite. Please add value to this section by sharing your pieces at

National Internal Security Policy (NISP)

NISP Concept Paper PDF

Federal Cabinet Approves NISP

First ever NISP of Pakistan – An overview

Assessing NISP by Saleem Safi

In the Driver’s Seat Finally by Adnan Rehmat

No Foreign consultants or aid accepted for preparation of NACTA and NISP

Dangerous Truth by Tariq Khosa

Rejuvenating NACTA by Tariq Pervaiz

NISP by Imtiaz Gul

Presentation Slides – National Internal Security Policy (NISP)

National Internal Security Policy – An Analysis (Pildat Civil Military Relations 2014)

NACTA Act No. XIX of 2013

Constitution of Pakistan

Police Order 2002 with Act 2013

Pakistan Rangers Ordinance 1959 (WEST PAKISTAN ORDINANCE XIV OF 1959)

SR368-Charting-Pakistans-Internal-Security-Policy and National Action Plan

National Security Strategy of USA 2015

National Action Plan after One Year

Status of National Action Plan by Saleem Safi (URDU)

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