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Punjab Safe Cities Authority Ordinance 2015



Safe, peaceful and prosperous cities of the Punjab

The PSCA improves law enforcement capacity of Punjab Police to ensure timely response to emergencies and crime prevention by equipping Police with state of the art technology. We work with innovative leaders and communities to build better future for people of the Punjab. Together with our partners, organizations and departments, we are committed to change working culture of the Punjab Police and make Punjab a peaceful, just, and thriving place in Pakistan.

In an increasingly complex and changing world, we believe that peaceful and safe cities of the Punjab serve as growth engine of economy of Pakistan.

Five core values define our work in the 21st century.

Our mission, people, and programs are defined by our commitment to equality among ourselves and particularly for women and other marginalized populations.

We believe dignity and respect of every individual is of prime importance. Our approach is centered on the catalytic role that individuals, communities, and organisations play in the development of their societies.

We value original and fresh ideas and we want to be known for our ability to identify and respond rapidly to issues and events affecting the city life. Our organizational culture encourages modern approaches for public safety and implementing ideas.

We value collaboration and believe that working closely with visionary leaders and committed teams in other public and private entities can improve lives in cities and governance of security sector which can be replicated in other areas of the Punjab and Pakistan.

Integrity and Dedication
Our operations of PPIC3 Centres and policies of PSCA reflect the integrity and dedication of our professional staff. Our impact is based upon our ability to combine modern technology with experienced and dedicated Police Service in our strong network across the province.

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